WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Titles are different from the regular text on a page because of two aspects:

  1. the graphic style: they usually have a different font, size, style and/or color;
  2. the code: you should use the specific <h1> to <h6> heading tags for your titles.

You can use the specific Title Object to create your titles on both your pages ans template header. 

As opposed to the Text Object, the Title Object does not include a real text editor, it still offers all the necessary functions to report a brief text, format it and define some style settings. The main advantage of this Object is the simple management of heading tags (<h1> to <h6>), which helps improve the overall page structure and therefore optimizes it for the Search Engines. 

To create a title using the Title Object you need to:

  • Double-click on the Title Object you added to open the settings window.
  • Type in the title in the Content field.
  • If you are not sure about what title you should use, click on the button you find in the Content filed to open MagicText, the artificial Intelligence-based text generation assistant integrated in WebSite X5 Pro. MagicText can help you find new ideas for writing normal or SEO titles.
    #tip - MagicText is a new way of writing texts. For more information, see What's MagicText and how can I use it to generate text contents

  • Use the available options to format the title, and possibly add an effect on it.
  • Associate the right Heading Tag.
#tip - Heading Tags. For more information see: How to manage heading tags

  • If necessary, set a Link on the Title.
  • Activate the Adapt font size to the width of the object so that the font size adapt to the available space. In this way, if your website is responsive, the size of the Title will reduce for the lower resolutions. On the other hand, the Title size will stay the same and in case the space is no longer enough the text will be split in more lines.