WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

When a visitors fill in an online form and submits his data, they expect an acknowledgment that the data has been received: you should thank them for their time and reassure them that the message has been correctly sent with a message or a confirmation e-mail.

To create an automatic reply you need to follow these steps:

  • In Contact Form Object > Send select the Send a confirmation e-mail to the user option.
  • Give the e-mail of the Site Administrator in the Sender e-mail address field and specify which field in the form contains the entry for the User e-mail address (which is the e-mail of the visitor).
  • To complete the confirmation e-mail you must specify the Subject and write the Message.
  • If you need ideas or help when writing the text for the Message, click on thebutton: in this way, you can open MagicText, the Artificial Intelligence-based text generation assistant available in WebSite X5 Pro. Report the necessary information to define the type of text you want: MagicText will write it for you, and you will be free to use it as it is or edit it so it better suits your needs .
#tip - For more information, see: What's MagicText and how can I use it to generate text contents

  • You can also select the Include the collected data option to remind the visitor what information he gave.

As fa as the confirmation message is concerned, which will be displayed on the website directly, you can choose between:

  • a popup message;
  • a website page.

If you go for the popup message, please consider that:

If you want to use a Confirmation Page, it is a good idea to add a Thank-you page to the e-mail, rather than just sending the recipient to the Home page.

  • In Step 3 - Sitemap Creation create a new page and add the necessary contents.
  • Select the Confirmation page in the website Map and click on the  button so that this page is invisible during normal website navigation.
  • Go back to Step 4 - Page Creation, select the Contact Form Object to work on and open the Contact Form Object > Send window.
  • Select the Show a confirmation page after sending and click on the button of the Confirmation page option to open the Map and select the Confirmation page you have prepared.

#tip - E-mails containing data submitted through online forms are created automatically by the Program. Use the options in Step 2-Template Settings to define the style of these e-mails.