WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

When a visitors fill in an online form and submits his data, they expect an acknowledgment that the data has been received: a confirmation e-mail is a way of thanking them for their time, and reassuring them that his information is being treated.

To create an automatic reply you need to follow these steps:

  • In Contact Form Object > Send select the Send a confirmation e-mail to the user option.
  • Give the e-mail of the Site Administrator in the Sender e-mail address field and specify which field in the form contains the entry for the User e-mail address (which is the e-mail of the visitor).
  • To complete the confirmation e-mail you must specify the Subject and write the Message.
  • You can also select the Include the collected data option to remind the visitor what information he gave.

As far as the Confirmation Page is concerned, it is a good idea to add a Thank-you page to the e-mail, rather than just sending the recipient to the Home page.

  • In Step 3 - Sitemap Creation create a new page and add the necessary contents.
  • Select the Confirmation page in the website Map and click on the  button so that this page is invisible during normal website navigation.
  • Go back to Step 4 - Page Creation, select the Contact Form Object to work on and open the Contact Form Object > Send window.
  • Click on the  button of the Confirmation page after sending data option to open the Map and select the Confirmation page you have prepared.

E-mails containing data submitted through online forms are created automatically by the Program. Use the options in Step 2-Template Settings to define the style of these e-mails.