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Like every good shopkeeper, every good e-commerce manager knows that the relationship with the Customer doesn't end at the moment of sale. It is necessary to go a step further and carefully take care of the order processing and all post-sale service. Only in this way, we can be sure that the Customer will be satisfied with the service they received and will therefore become a loyal Customer, with all the positive repercussions that this entails.

WebSite X5 enables you to take care of the post-sale service by activating the shipment tracking, but also by making use of an advanced shipment management solution such as Qapla'.

How to integrate Qapla' in WebSite X5

Qapla' is a SaaS platform that simplify and enhances your e-commerce shipping management and is now integrated into WebSite X5. 

Follow these simple steps to connect WebSite X5 to Qapla':

  • Open an account on Qapla' and choose the plan that better suits your needs.
  • Use the functions Qapla' offers to set up the service.
  • In WebSite X5, open your e-commerce project, go to Step 1 - General Settings > Shopping Cart > Order Management.
  • Select the wished shipping method and click on Edit, or create a new shipping method (for more information, see: How to define shipping methods for your store).
  • In the Shipping Type window, access the Management section: activate the Shipping Management option and, consequently, the Automatic management via Qapla'.
  • Without closing WebSite X5, access your dashboard on Qapla' and open the Settings > Channels section: here, you will find the Private API Key. Copy it with the dedicated button.
  • Go back to WebSite X5, in the Shipping Type > Management: paste the API Key you previously copied in the API Key of your Qapla' account field.
  • Click OK to confirm.
  • Repeat these steps to activate the management with Qapla' for all shipping methods you want to make available for your e-commerce customers.

What happens to the order processing

If you activated the management with Qapla', you need to follow these steps to process the order:

  • Access the Control Panel connected with your e-commerce. 
  • The Incoming section to display the new orders you got.
  • Select the order you want to work with and click on   to move it to the Processed section: the order will be sent to Qapla' and then marked as processed.
  • Access your dashboard on Quapla' and use the advanced functions available to manage the order shipping.

#tip - For more information, see How to manage orders and products with the online Control Pane. 

Qapla': tracking=marketing²

Qapla’ is the software that squarely elevates marketing opportunities during the post-shipment phase.  

With Qapla' you can generate labels in 3 clicks, track all your shipments, and send accurate, real-time information to your customer with personalized tracking messages. You have at your disposal a dashboard with which to monitor in real time the shipments made with any carrier (domestic or international) and send communications in which you can include offers, suggestions for new purchases and call-to-action for your marketing activities. After all, there is no better time to stimulate a new order than a successfully completed delivery!