WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

When you have created your Product Catalog, you have to define the shipping and payment methods that the Customer can choose from when making his order.

  • In the Shopping Cart, Order Management window, the Shipping type List table proposes default values of "Post" and "Express Courier"
  • Select one at a time and click on the Edit button to modify a method an existing method. Click on the Add button to define a new shipping method. In both cases, you access to the Shipping Type window.
  • In the General section of the Shipping Type window, report the Name, a short Description and, if you want to, provide an Image for the shipping type you are setting up.
  • Open the Cost section and use the Fixed Cost to specify how much the shipping is. You can also set this field as 0 if you don't want any.
  • To complete the task, open the E-mail message section and add a description of the shipping type which will be used in the order confirmation e-mail your Customers will get.
  • If you want your customers to be informed about the shipping status, open the Tracking section and activate the Shipping Tracking option. Use the URL field to specify the website to be used in order to check out the tracking. For more information: How to set up the shipping tracking.
  • Confirm with Ok. The new shipping type is now available in the Shipping Type List.

#tip - Variable shipping costs. You can also set a variable price for the shipping costs according to the total weight of the ordered products (see: How to define shipping costs based on the weight of the order) or to their total amount (see: How to define shipping costs based on the total amount of the order). With the Pro edition you will be able to set a different shipping cost, regardless whether it is fixed or variable, according to the customer's country (see: How to set different shipping costs according to the customer's country).