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Nowadays all the main shipping service provide the possibility of tracking the packs, so that both the customer and the seller can stay informed about when the product will be delivered. 

The procedure is pretty simple. When the senders organize a shipping, they get a unique tracking code from the shipping service for the product. The senders then communicate the tracking code to the buyers, so they can connect to the shipping service platform to check out the shipping status. 

If you want to provide the customers of your store the possibility to track the shipping of the products they buy, you need to proceed as described. 

1. Activate the tracking

The first thing you need to do when you set the shipping method within WebSite X5 (see, How to define shipping methods for your store) is to activate the possibility for the shipping to be tracked

  • Go to Step 1 - Settings > Shopping Cart > Order Management and in the shipping methods list select the one you want to work on and click on Edit (or alternatively create a new one)
  • In the Shipping Method window, open the Management section and click on Shipping Management, so to activate it. 
  • Report the website URL where your customers will be able to check out the tracking. 
  • Add the placeholder [TRACKING_CODE] to the website URL: for instance,[TRACKING_CODE]. This placeholder will automatically be substituted by the tracking code you will report when processing the order. If you don't, the placeholder will be empty, but the link will still work.

2. Add the tracking code

When you need to process an order, if the possibility for the order tracking is available you will be able to specify the tracking code, so to report it to the customer too:

3. Inform your customers

Once the tracking is active, you can decide whether to report the website address where to check it, as this part isn't compulsory.

All the details you report about the tracking will be automatically used for the e-mail sent to notify that the order has been processed: the more details you report, the better the service you offer. 

#tip - The e-mails notifying that the order has been processed are automatic, but you can partially customize them. Please see: How to set and define the contents of your notification e-mails