WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

When a visitor fills in a form, places an order or sings up, an e-mail is sent from the website, so you as website administrator can manage the request.

Some providers' servers perform a check on the sender's address for the e-mails send from a website. If the domain of the address and of the website don't match, they tend to block the e-mail or the message is received in the spam folder.

You should then make sure that the domain of  the e-mails sent from your website corresponds to the website domain itself. If, for instance, your website domain is, you should set an address like as sender of the e-mails. 

How to set the e-mail sender

Setting the sender address for the e-mails sent from a website is really easy, but we must  distinguish different cases according to the Hosting you use:

Website X5 Hosting

If you use the hosting service included with your WebSite X5 license, or if you don't use a customized domain, you don't have to do anything. All the parameters are already integrated, including the sender e-mail address. 

If you use a Hosting Pro and you have a customized domain, you can activate a maximum of 5 mailboxes. In this case, you simply need to report which one you want to consider as default, so to use it as sender e-mail address:

  • Connect to the online control panel: log in to the Help Center and open the Webhosting entry from the menu.
  • Access the webspace you want to work on.
  • In the E-mail section, click on Manage E-mail: here you can find the list of the active e-mails and the commands to possibly create new ones.
  • Select the e-mail you want to use as sender and click on Default.    

Other Providers

If you use the hosting offered by another Provider, you need to report the connection parameters to be used, as well as the sender of the e-mail sent from the website.

  • On Step 5- Export, select Other Provider as Webspace Provider.
  • Click on Parameters so to open the Server settings window.
  • Go to the E-Mail section and report the e-mail address you want to use as Sender e-mail address.