WebSite X5 Pro

Even if the most famous service is the one offered by Google (see, How to activate Google Analytics™?), there are other alternative services which can be as valid as Google's.

With the Pro edition, you can use the service offered by WebSite X5 directly: WebSite X5 Analytics.

#tip - Starting from version 2021.1,WebSite X5 Analytics is no longer available for the Evo edition, but for the Pro one only.


How to activate WebSite X5 Analytics

Activating WebSite X5 Analytics on your WebSite is really simple.

Because you need a database to use this service, the first thing you need to do is associating the database to the project, if you haven't already:

  • After having started the project in question, go to Step 1 - Settings> Advanced > Data management.
  • Click on Add and report the needed details on the following window to connect the wished database.

Now you can activate the analytics:

  • Go back to Step 1 - Settings> Advanced and open Statistics and Code.
  • In Statistics, click on the Enable website hit statistics option.
  • Choose WebSite X5 Analytics as Statistics engine.
  • Select the Database you want to use to store the statistics from the list of the ones connected to the project and possibly report the Table.
  • Click OK when you are happy with the result.  

How to access the collected data

After having activated WebSite X5 Analytics  and exported your project online, you will have to wait some time before the system starts collecting data.

You can see the data you collected in two ways:

  1. Using the online Control Panel
  2. Using the WebSite X5 Manager App
    • Install the App on your smartphone using the links available on Step 1 - Settings > Advanced > WebSite X5 Manager
    • Start the App and add the website you want to manage: you can manually fill in the form or scan the QR-Code which you find in the WebSite X5 Manager section of the online Control Panel.
    • Open the dashboard and go to the Statistics section.

#tip - For more information about the Control Panel and the WebSite X5 Manager App, please see: WebSite X5 online Control Panel and  The WebSite X5 Manager App: What is it and why do you need it?