WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

To be clearer, we will take on the same example we mentioned in the article How to create a multi-language website, taking all what's reported on that article about how to set up projects in English, German and Portuguese for granted.   Let's also assume we have set up one of the three described methods for the language choice.

You now have three identical projects which only differ for the language employed, so you can publish them online. You need to export the three projects onto the Server by creating a correct structure, so the links enabling the language selection or the automatic redirection according to the browser language can work properly.

English website

In our example, English represents the language for the main project, so it needs to be exported in the server main folder.

  • Open the English project, go to Step 5 - Export > Upload the website to Internet.
  • Write the URL address for the website:
  • Report the connection parameters needed to proceed with the upload.

German and Portuguese website

These are the projects referred to the other languages the website is available in: you need to create a sub-folder ("de" and "pt") on the server and upload each project in its specific folder. 

  • Open the German project, go to Step 5 - Export > Upload the website to Internet.
  • Report the same Website Address (URL) you inserted for the English project, but this time report the sub-folder /de:
  • Now, create the Destination Folder. Click on the button: you will see all the folders currently available on your Server.
  • Click on the button to create a new folder and rename it de.
  • Double-click on the de folder you just created to open it, then confirm by clicking on OK
  • Now you can proceed uploading the German website.
  • Repeat the same steps for the Portuguese website.