WebSite X5 Pro

When you have created your Product catalog, you have to define the payment methods that the customer can choose from when making his order.

  • In the Shopping Cart > Order Management window, the Payment type List table proposes default value of "Bank transfer".
  •  Select it and click on the Edit button to open apply some changes to an existing payment type. Click on the Add button to define a new payment method. In both cases, you will have access to the Payment Type window.
  • In Payment Type > General, specify a Name and a Description for the payment method. If you want to, you can also add an image to be associated with the payment type you are setting up.
  • You can also specify the Countries the selected shipping method has to be displayed for: activate the Availability by country option and click on to create the Country list from the specific window.
  • Open the Cost section and use the Fixed Cost to specify how much the cost associated to the transaction is. You can also set this field as 0 if you don't want any.
  • In Payment Type > Cost, you can choose between Pay Later (the customer will pay after having placed the order, for example by bank transfer) or Pay now (the customer will pay in order to conclude the order, for example by Credit card). 
  • If you choose the Pay now option, you will need to report the required parameters. If you set for example "PayPal Commerce Platform" or "Stripe" as the Payment Type: in both cases, you need to enter your PayPal or Stripe Account in the field and indicate the pages on the website that must be displayed to confirm payment or to indicate an error during the transaction.

#tip - Find out more about what PayPal Commerce Platform (How to activate and use the PayPal Commerce Platform payment method) and Stripe (How to activate and use the Stripe payment method).

  • To complete the task, open the E-mail message section and add a description of the payment type which will be used in the order confirmation e-mail your Customers will get.
  • Confirm with Ok. The new payment type is now available in the Payment type List.

#tip - A part from PayPal and Stripe, WebSite X5 offers many other popular payment systems (see: Which payment systems can be used?) as well as the possibility of adding any extra payment method by integrating custom code (see: How to set up a custom payment method).