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A board where your favorite Polaroids are hung with pins: you open the window and a blow of air makes them swing slightly. That's the effect you can get on your web page with the Polaroid Grid Optional Object. There will be no wind online, of course: you will just have to scroll down the page to see the Polaroids move. 

Do you want to see some examples for getting inspired? Check out the Preview page.

Create the Polaroid list

Now that you know what you results you can get, create your own gallery, starting by defining the list of images you want to display with a "Polaroid" style:

  • Double-click on the Polaroid Grid Object you added on the page to access the settings window.
  • Stay in the List section, click on Add and import the images you want to use.
  • You can remove the images you already imported, decide if they should be displayed in bigger or smaller  format in the list, and arrange them the way you prefer with the arrows.
  • Don't forget that you can report both a Description (displayed at the bottom of the Polaroid) and some SEO parameters (Title and Alt Text) by clicking on the button available for every image. Moreover, you can click on to add a link


Define the gallery style

Now you can move on to more graphic aspects:

  • Open the Style section.
  • Start by defining the style of the single Polaroids using the settings available in the Photography section. You can:
    • define the Width in pixel for each Polaroid;
    • set the Distance between the Polaroids;
    • choose a Color or import an Image for the Polaroid frame;
    • add a Shadow: if you prefer not to, you can set the shadow as 'Transparent'.  
  • Now you can move on to the Pins with which the Polaroid is hung. You can decide whether to display this element or not, and if you choose to, you can define its color. 
  • As we said, the descriptions you add are displayed at the bottom of the Polaroid. With the options available in the Description section, you can format this text by defining the Font Type, the Text Color and the Alignment.
  • In the Effects section, on the other hand, you can find the option to activate or disable the Scroll Animation (namely the slight swinging of the Polaroids) and the one to display them randomly. 
  • Finally, you can decide that, by clicking on a Polaroid, users can access to an enlarged version of the same image: in this case, you need to activate the Display enlarged image on click in ShowBox option and define the enlarged image Maximum size. You can also decide whether to display the thumbnails for the gallery images (Show thumbnails in the ShowBox).
#tip - You can customize the ShowBox window style, see: How to set the style of the pop-up window ShowBox Consider that, even if the option to display the enlarged image is active, if a link is set on an image, the action intended for the link is performed upon click.  


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