WebSite X5 Pro from v.2023.2

Service in Beta

Using the Artificial Intelligence and therefore MagicText, the text generation assistant available in WebSite X5, is really simple: since it understands the natural language, you just have to ask what you want to get. Just like you would when talking to another real person.

Assuming that you only have to say what you want, of course the quality of the result you get will depend very much on how you have formulated your request, that is, how you have written your prompt.

Let's see, then, how to write effective prompts to get better texts from MagicText.


What's a prompt and how to write it

Prompts are is text inputs provided to MagicText and processed by it to generate a natural language response. In other words, the prompt is the set of instructions that is provided to MagicText at the time you click on the Create Text button.

Actually, prompts aren't exactly the same as what you type in the field where you specify what you want to report in the text, but it also includes a lot of other information drawn automatically from the project and the choices you have made.

More specifically, prompts include:

  • the instructions needed to determine the type of content to be generated: these are derived from the choice you make when selecting the type of text you want to generate (Title, SEO Title, Paragraph, Ideas, Tags).
  • the context information: these are derived from your tone and language choices, in addition to the content already included in the project. For example, if you are using MagicText to write the short description of a Blog post, this information will be taken into account together with the Title of the post in question.
  • the instructions you type in the field where you specify what to include in the generated text.

In this way, the prompt will be more precise and therefore the generated text will be better.


#tip - A piece of context information that, if available, is always taken into account for creating prompts is the website title (which you can set on Step 1 - General Information): given its importance, you really have to carefully choose it.    

What to report in the prompt 

Since part of the important information is automatically derived and entered into the prompt, you may want to use the field you have available to enter only the most specific instructions.

Let's go back to the blog post description example.

You do not need to type "Write, in a friendly tone, a short description for a blog post titled 10 Secrets for Making Apricot Jam." That would be unnecessary repetition. Instead, focus on what is important for you to include in this description: thus, specify the concepts and keywords that need to be reported in the text.

Because MagicText derives context information from the details already present in the document, it is important that you proceed in order. If you write the Title first and then the Description of a blog post, the latter element will be better since it can also rely on what you specify for the first one. Otherwise, the description will not be able to rely on an already defined title and as a result it may be less effective.

In any case, you should consider the text generated by MagicText as a draft. You can always go back and refine the instructions you provide for the prompt to get a new version of the text. Also, once it has been entered into the document, you are free to modify the generated text to fit your needs perfectly.