WebSite X5 Pro

On top of the payment methods available in WebSite X5 (see: Which payment systems can be used?), you can activate an alternative payment system by using some custom code. You need to proceed in this way:

  • Open the Type section of the Payment Type window.
  • Activate the Pay now option and, in the Payment Type menu, select the Custom Code option.
  • Report in the HTML Code for 'Pay Now' Button field the code provided by the service provider of your choice. 
  • In order for the "Pay now" button to work properly, you will need to report the ordered article's code and its price. You have to enter the following tags manually in the code:
    • [ORDER_NO] - the order number is entered here;
    • [PRICE] - the price is entered here.
  • Click Ok when you're happy with the result.

The tag list which you can use to complete the custom code includes:

  • [ORDER_NO]* - order number ;
  • [PRICE]* - order total price;
  • [SHIPPING_ID] - shipping type id;
  • [ORDER_ENC_DATA] - the data connected to the order reported in string format, so they can be recovered for specific calls;
  • [COMPANY]*
  • [NAME]*
  • [ADDRESS1]*
  • [ADDRESS2]*
  • [CITY]*
  • [COUNTRY]*
  • [EMAIL]*
  • [PHONE]*
  • [MOBILE]*
  • [FAX]*
  • [VAT]*
  • [ADVERTS]*
  • [NOTE]*
  • [USE_SHIPPING_DATA] - active if shipping and billing address don't match.

You can perform an escape for all the field labelled as * using come prefixes:

  • HESCAPE_ it removes special html characters;
  • UESCAPE_ it adapts the correct format for the usage in a URL;
  • UAESCAPE_ it adapts the correct format for the usage in a URL with apexes compatibility.

For instance, you can remove the special html characters; from the note field by reporting the tag in this way:[HESCAPE_NOTE] 

With this escape, the special characters (accented letters for instance) are correctly manages and don't affect the code correctness.

You can use the prefix SHIPPING_ for every field referred to the address so to manage the information related to the shipping address. For example, you can use  the tag [SHIPPING_CITY] for the shipping address city.

#tip - For more information about custom code, please contact the payment service provider you chose.