WebSite X5 Pro since version 2020.2

Local businesses may be defined as local craft and commercial activities or services as well as free-lance activities, which can be  franchised or self-managed, which stand out because:  

  1. they refer to a locally-based clientele;
  2. they meet their clientele "live", building a personal relationship with their customers.

There are many companies which can be defined as local businesses, such as:

  • Hotels, B&Bs and other accommodation facilities
  • Craftsmen
  • Private practices
  • Gyms
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Mechanics
  • etc…

It's important to stress that local businesses have some specific characteristics that these activities can use for their own benefit: the Local SEO is based on these specific characteristics and uses them to improve the raking of such activities on the Search Engines. 

Local SEO and structured data

There are many strategies to improve the Local SEO: you can start by reporting details about your activity on your MyBusiness portal, you then need to optimize your website for mobile devices. 

Another useful tip is to implement structured data.

Thanks to the Local Businesses structures data, you can help Google better understand your field and your contact information, as well as your opening hours and so on. 

Google can use these details to report your activity in the SERP using a  Knowledge Graph card. Alternatively, it could report your activities in a carousel if the user searches for "the best restaurant in London". 

The structured data can then improve your position on the SERP thanks to graphical solutions which drag the users' attention, who will more likely click on your results.

In WebSite X5  

You can report the necessary information to add structure data on your web pages about your local business by following these steps:

  • Go to Step 1 - Website Settings > SEO > Structured data. 
  • Activate the Add Structured Data option.
  • Use the available fields to report information about your business:
    • Don't forget you will have to help Google understand which of the images available on your website must be used as a Logo (see: How to use the Logo structured data);
    • Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code and Nation are compulsory fields. The other details are optional.

As you can see, you can implement your local business structured data pretty easily: this could really bring positive results, so it's worth the effort.