WebSite X5 Pro since version 2020.2

The logo is one of the most important images on a website and for a company, it should then be the most optimized image, but that isn't often the case. 

The logo optimization in a useful tip for a better ranking on local queries. You can do this by taking advantage of some of the classical elements of the SEO, or you can use structured data.

Logo optimization

There are many ways of optimizing your website logo. Here you can find some tips:

  • Pay attention to the ALT tag: As an alternative text, you can report the name of your company or some keywords to describe where you are and what product/service you offer.
  • Define the Title tag: Google suggests to simply ignore this, but that's the text displayed when the mouse hovers on the image: you can then report the brand name, use the same or a sightly different ALT tag.
  • Don't forget about the file name:  The image file name is important too. Don't simply rename it as logo.png, choose a more appropriate name which refers to the brand or to the service.
  • Pay attention to the link and to the relative title attribute: The logo always leads to the website Home Page. Don't forget to set a canonical link and to report a title taking on a similar text defined for the ALT tag.

The logo structured data, which defines the standards for the structured data, includes a specific markup for the logo: in this way, Search Engines better understand which image has to be considered as the official logo.

Using the logo markup also has another important effect: Google will more likely use the logo in the brand Knowledge Graph card. The more space we get on the SERP and the more graphical elements are displayed both among the results and in the right column, the more likely the users will click on our results and increase the traffic on website. 

In WebSite X5

With WebSite X5 you can easily optimize all the images: select the logo, the one you have probably reported in the template header, and use the available tools in the Image Object (see: How to optimize your images for the Search Engines).

As far as the structured data are concerned, you can report which image is to be used as the official logo:

  • Go to Step 1 - Website Settings > SEO > Structured data.
  • Click on the icon in the Logo field to report the file which needs to be considered as the official logo for your website: you can report the same one you added on your template. 

Don't forget to follow the instructions about the logo images reported by Google in its guide for the developers:

  • The image needs to be at least 112 x 112 px.
  • It is necessary for the image to be scanned and indexed. 
  • The image must be a .JPG, .PNG or .GIF.

#tip - A part from the logo, you can also define which image should be displayed when your website is shared on social media. For more information, please see: How to set the image to be used on Social Networks when the website is shared.