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For someone this can be obvious, but it is always better to repeat it: images are important for the success of your website. Choosing the right images will help you create nice pages and, above all, will provide a good first impression of your activity. If you are creating an e-commerce, then, providing high quality images to showcase your products becomes crucial: your customers will rely on the images you choose, and on the available descriptions, to make their purchase choice.

This said, now you need to answer this one question: "Where can I find the images to use on my website?"

Where to find the images

As you can imagine, there isn't just one correct answer: you have different possibilities.

Let's begin with something you CAN'T do. You can't simply google what you are looking for and use the images you like the most. You will probably find copyrighted images, which therefore can't be freely used.

Still, there are many online portals offering stock images: some of them are free, some others require payments which can vary according to the image quality and usage. Such portals represent a good solution: with a small investment you will get nice images, which still aren't always original.

Finally, and according to the importance of your e-commerce, you can consider employing a professional photographer so to get ad hoc images to present your products.

Of course, the choice of the one or the other solution depends on the importance you give to the website you are creating, and on the budget you are willing to invest for it.

How to use the WebSite X5 built-in free image library 

With WebSite X5, you can import the most popular graphic formats  (.JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .PSD, .BMP, .TIF, .DIB, .PCX, .RLE, .TGA, .WMF) simply by selecting the resource among the ones you have locally stored on your PC or, alternatively, by using an online solution.

Moreover, you can also use the WebSite X5 built-in archive of free images. Find out how to do this by watching the following video, otherwise keep reading:

  • In the fields where it is possible to import a picture, click on the button to search in the available resources of the Online Libraries. Alternatively, you can click on   and select a locally saved file (see: Come How to import a file).
  • Open the Free Images section and use the search field to find the ones you like best. You can specify:
    • one or more keywords;
    • the category;
    • the kind of image (Photo, Clipart or Vector).
  • Click on the Search button: the content of the window will be updated reporting the preview of all the images corresponding to your search filters.
  • Select the preview of the image you like the most and click on OK: the image will be downloaded on your PC and imported in the Project. 

#tip - The service is offered in collaboration with Pixabay. Pixabay is a collection of royalty-free images and videos:  all the resources are published with a Creative Commons CC0 license and can be freely used, in digital and printed format alike, for personal or commercial usages, with no need of reporting the original author. For more information, see Pixabay Terms of use.