WebSite X5 Evo and Pro from v2019.3.17

We live in a visual culture where, needless to say, images are more than simple decorations: they convey messages, just like words do, they build the browsing environment, define the online identity and above all, help arouse emotions. 

That's why using the right images is crucial for the success of your website. 

And now you have a new tool to do this: with our new update, we have introduced a new library in WebSite X5 with billions of high-quality and royalty-free Premium Images.

To offer this service, we have collaborated with Depositphotos, one of the most popular and world-wide known stock images platforms.

The Library of Premium Images

With WebSite X5, you can import the most popular graphic formats simply by selecting the image, both online and from your PC. The software already offered a library of free images, but now you can do more:  you can in fact access a new and rich Premium Images gallery which will enrich your website and make it look even more professional.

Accessing and using this new Library is easy:

  • In the fields where you can select a graphic file to be imported on the project, click on the button to open the File Selection window and open the Premium Images section (see: How to import a file). 
  • Start by searching one or more keywords about the subject ("man with beard", "guys on a beach by night", "lone scuba diver in the sea", etc), the topic ("food", "beauty", etc ) or the kind of photo you are looking for ("landscape", "skyline", etc). You can try using simple or detailed keywords: don't stop at the first results.
  • Use the filters in the lateral bar to find more precise results. You can define:
    • the orientation;
    • the main color;
    • the number, gender, age and ethnicity of the people possibly shown in the picture;
    • the season or day time the picture was taken on;
    • the Nation shown, as well as if in or outdoor subjects are displayed.
  • As you apply the filters, the list of images is automatically updated: select the solution you prefer and click OK.
  • A draft of the selected image will now be locally downloaded and imported in the Project.

What does working on drafts imply?

All the images selected from the Library of Premium Images are automatically downloaded and inserted in the project as drafts. 

You will see watermarks on the drafts. 

You can search and download as many Premium Images as you want while you are working at your project. In this way, you will be able to try until you find the right images and get the wished result. 

Keep working normally and keep using the drafts. When you are happy with the result and you want to upload your website online, you will be able to substitute the draft images with the original ones, which don't have any watermark on.

How to buy Premium Images

Once you're done creating your website and you can export it online, don't forget you still have draft images instead of the original ones. 

It's now time to buy only the images you need:

  • Go to Step 5 -Export: you will find a box reporting the number of Premium Images on your project. Click on Buy.
  • You will access a window reporting the detailed list of the Premium Images you used: you will find a number of details for each, including the price in Credits and a request about how you'd like to proceed:
    • Buy: you buy the Premium Image.
    • Download: you can download a Premium Image you previously purchased for this project.
    • Buy again: you can purchase again for this project a Premium Image you had bought for another project.
    • Ignore: don't buy the Premium Image and leave the draft on the published project.
  • Once you've chosen the wished action for each image in the list, click on OK/Buy.

All the Premium Images you bought (or bought again) will be downloaded and will substitute the drafts in the project: meanwhile, the cost in Credits will be debited on your account. 

#tip - If you are creating a website for a customer, upload the project on a locked online space and keep the drafts. Once the customer is happy with the final result, you can purchase the definitive Premium Images. In  this way, you won't have to pay anything in advance!

Licence of use for the Premium Images

In order to use on your projects the Premium Images available in the Library, you will first need to purchase the relative licences of use.

You will be buying a Standard Licence, which will enable you to download and use the image file for any purpose, including commercial ones.  You can for instance use the Premium Images to create websites, advertising banners, e-mails, e-books, presentations etc. Still, you can't distribute or sell copies of the images you bought. 

With a Stadard Licence, you can use the image on a single project only: if you want to use the same image on another project, you will need to buy a second Licence of use. 

#tip - For more information, please check out the Licence Agreement on the website of Depositphotos, the owner and distributor of the Premium Images.

Not enough Credits to buy the Premium Images you want? Check out the Credit Packs.