WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

The Administrator is the user  who manages the website and who is in charge of checking who can have access to Locked pages, in case Members' Areas protected with passwords are available.  By default, an Administrator group already exists, and it contains one Admin user.

  • To change the name and access credentials of the Admin administrator, select the name in the Groups and Users with priority access list and click on the Edit button to open the User Settings window.
  • To create new administrator profiles, select the Administrator Group and click on the New User button to open the User Settings window, and add the necessary information.

Unlike ordinary Users, the Administrators have access to all the Locked pages in the website. With the same credentials, they can access the online Control Panel. The administrators can use the online Control Panel to manage various aspects of the website, depending on the features that have been included in it. These could be, for example, website hit statistics, Blog and Comments and Ratings Object comments,  user registration, orders and stock levels etc.