WebSite X5 Pro

When you set up your online store, you are free to choose the way order data should be received and stored: you can for example decide to receive an e-mail when a new order is placed, or to store all the orders you get on an online databse.

Please keep in mind that you necessarily need to use an online database if you want to be able to handle e-commerce orders from the online control panel and/or the WebSite X5 Manager app.

So the first thing to do to manage the orders using a database is entering the parameters of the Database that will be used:

  • In the Data Management window on Step 1- Website Settings > Advanced, click on the Add button.
  • Enter all the necessary parameters for identifying the database in the Database Settings window and confirm.

Once the Database has been defined, it can be used in the e-commerce shopping cart:

  • In the Shopping Cart > Sending order window, select Send data to a Database and choose a Database from the list.
  • If you want, you can specify the Tables Prefix Name where the data is to be saved.
  • If you want the site administrator to receive a notification e-mail each time a new order is registered in the database, select the Send an e-mail to notify the data has been received option and enter the Admin e-mail address. In any case, you need to give the Admin e-mail address because it will also be used as the sender of the order confirmation e-mail.