WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

One of the most popular methods of protecting Websites from fraudulent dealings or spam is using "Captcha".

Captcha is a test which determines if a user is human, and it is used to prevent bots from using services such as registration or comments forms to create spam or to violate the security of the websites. 

In order to use Captcha on your web pages, you first need to choose the kind of Captcha to use:

  • Open the Step 1 - Website Settings section and click on Privacy and Security button.
  • Go to the Security section and select the Captcha type to use between:
    • WebSite X5 Captcha: it is the default system. It displays some distorted letters on an unclear background: in order to proceed, the Visitors will need to correctly type the letters is the reported filed.
    • reCaptcha: it is the Captcha system developed by Google. Visitors only need to click to confirm they aren't robots. Only if a risk is present, Visitors will need to take an action, such as re-write a distorted text or to match two images.
  • If you choose reCaptcha, report in the given fields the Site and the Secret keys you get after having registered your website to this service.

#tip - Google reCaptcha. For more information about Google reCaptcha, about how to register your Websites and about how to get the necessary parameters to use the service, you can click on  and access the official website:

Once you've chosen the Captcha system, you need to activate it for the Contacts Forms where you want to use it:

  • Double-click the Contact Form Object and open the settings window.
  • Go to the Send section and check the Enable 'Captcha' anti-spam filter option.

You can also set the Captcha filter for the forms your Visitors need to use to leave comments:

  • Open the settings window (Comments and Ratings Object, Blog > Article Page > Comments).
  • Choose the WebSite X5 internal system as Comment management system.
  • Check the Enable 'Captcha' anti-spam filter option.