WebSite X5 Pro

Once the website has been published online, the contents of a Dynamic Content Object can be edited by specifically-enabled Users, who have to enter a Login and Password to be able to edit website contents online.

To set up a Dynamic Content Object you then need to start by defining the Users or the Group of Users will be able to edit the content of the Object itself.

  • In Step 1 - Website Settings, open the Access Management and create the list of Groups/Users, or complete the list by creating the users, to enable them to edit certain sections of the website.
  • Go back to Step 3 and open the Page you have added the Dynamic Content Object on, then click on the
    button to open the Dynamic Content Object window.
  • In Groups/Users you can see a list of all the Groups and registered Users you have registered.
  • Now you can do the following:
    • Click on each User that you want to enable (a tick appears next to the name).
    • Click on a Group to enable all the Users in that group. If a new User is added to this group, he or she will be automatically enabled to edit specific website contents.