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Icons are light and easy to load, that's why they are perfect for pages and App which need to be leaded quickly and adapt to different devices. With Icons8's Windows 10 icon set, you can create modern and efficient elements for your project. See what you can achieve with this Object in the Preview page, or check it out in the Tech Deals Template.

Font Icon: what it is and why you should use it

It's as simple as that: an Icon Font is a web font which represents an icon instead of a regular font. Icon Fonts are more and more used in the App and website development because they are:

  • light, they have a small size;
  • vector and scalable with no quality loss;
  • compatible with most browsers and screen readers for blind people;
  • manageable via CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

How to add an icon

  • Double-click the Icons8 Win10 Object you added on the page to open the settings window.
  • Use the Icon menu to select the icon to use.
  • Set the Object Size expressed in pixels and the Icon size expressed as a percentage of the general size.
  • Define the icon Color and the Object background. If you have a colored background you can set some rounded corners for a better final effect.
  • You can use the icon as a button by selecting the button and choose the Action you want to be performed on click in the Link window.
  • Click OK when you are happy with the result.

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