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When attention lags, you need to add some WOW effects on your pages. We're sure that with the Animated Headlines Object we're sure you create fantastic titles. See how it works on the Preview page. We've used in the StartupME, and you? Do you already have some ideas about how to make the most out of it for your own projects?

How to set up animated headlines

The Animated Headlines Object is based on a text section which stays fixed, and another that changes. For example, in the "Animated Headline is fun!" sentence, you could substitute "fun" with "special", "good" or "for you". That's what you need to do:

  • Double-click on the Animated Headlines Object you added on the page to open the settings window.
  • Report as Starting Text the sentence section which doesn't need to change (in our example, "Animated Headline is"). You can possibly report a Final Text as well (which isn't present in our example).
  • Use the Add, Remove and Edit buttons to create the list of text sections which will change (in our example "fun!", "special!", "good!", "for you!").
  • Set the Font and the Font Color, then choose the Animation, i.e. the fade effect to display the alternate text sections. You can set different colors for the fixed and alternate text.
  • Click OK when you're happy with the result.

Some final tips

  • You don't necessarily have to add both a Starting and an Ending text: you can simply use the elements you need to get the wished result.
  • You don't even have to add an alternate text: you can simply report a single fixed text and apply an Animation to it.
  • Effects and animations are perfect to make a page more attractive: still, it is always better not to exaggerate.

Are you curious to use this Object on your website pages? Install Animated Headlines now: it's free