WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

When you are working on the sitemap, there are several shortcuts available to speed up your actions on the website Map:

How to rename the items

Click a second time on a selected level, page (including the Home page) or a separator to rename it (instead of using the Rename button). You can also rename the aliases for Special pages in the Menu folder, but you cannot rename the Special pages themselves.

How to edit the Page Properties

After selecting a page, click on the Page title or the Description to change the text (otherwise you will have to re-open the Page Properties window to edit the text).

How to Expand or Collapse

You can double-click on a level to expand and view all the pages at that level, and double-click again to collapse it (this is quicker than using the Expand and Collapse buttons). You can also expand and collapse a level by clicking on the arrow in front of its name.

How to create new Pages

Double-click on a page to open the Page Creation window, where you can create the page.

How to access Advanced Functions

By double-clicking on a Special Page, you can access the window where you can create, update or define specific parameters.

How to move Levels

Select a level and drag it to a new position, taking all its pages with it (instead of using the Move up / Move down buttons).

How to move Pages

Select one or more pages and drag them to a new position (instead of using the Move up / Move down buttons). Use the CTRL + click or SHIFT + click combinations for multiple selections. Multiple selections can include Hidden or Locked pages.

Select the Menu folder and hide the navigation menu, clicking on the Hidden button.

How to create an Alias

Select a Special Page and drag it to the Menu folder (i.e. the Pages and Levels that will make up the navigation menu) to create a level that acts as an Alias for the Special page. This Level will have the same name as the Special page and a link to it. By doing this, you can provide a link in the  navigation Menu that will go directly to the results page of the built-in search engine, the Entry page, the Blog Home Page (the Special Page Blog: Article Page can't be added in the menu), the Access/Register page or the e-commerce shopping cart.

How to copy and paste between different Projects

Select one or more pages and copy and paste them to another place in the project, or to a different project that you can open in another window of the program. You can use the commands in the toolbar, in the popup menu (right-clicking the mouse) or with the CTRL+C and CTRL+V key combinations. Remember that you cannot copy and paste Special pages.