WebSite X5 Pro since version 2020.3

When you add a new shipping method (see: How to define shipping methods for your store), you can specify a fixed cost or a variable cost, that depends either on the weight or the total amount of the order.

You can additionally set different prices according to the country the customer places the order from, regardless whether it is fixed or variable.

To get this result you need to proceed as described:

  • Open the Shipping Type window in the Shopping cart> Order Management section by selecting the Add or the Edit buttons you find next to the Shipping Type List and create a new or edit an existing shipping type-
  • In the Cost section, select the Cost related to Total Weight option (How to define shipping costs based on the weight of the order) or the Cost of total Order amount option (How to define shipping costs based on the total amount of the order).
  • Activate then the Additional cost for countries option and click on Add. In the following window, report the countries you want to apply the price difference for and report how much this Cost difference is.
  • Repeat these steps to set the cost differences for the needed country groups. 

In this way, you can report for instance a £10  fixed shipping cost and then set £8 for UK and Germany only (Selected countries: UK, Germany; Cost difference: -2) and £14 for France and Italy (Selected countries: France, Italy; Cost difference: +4).