WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

The RSS Feed is a very versatile way of divulging information, images or videos: you can use it if you frequently update news on your website, if you need to advertise an event, inform about updates on your website or about new Blog posts.

By subscribing to the RSS Feed associated to the Website, the visitors will be able to stay posted, receive and read the news from their news aggregator program directly.

In this article we will cover the following subjects:

How to create a new RSS Feed

To create an RSS Feed, you first need to report some general parameters.

  • Go to Step 1 - Website Settings  and click on RSS Feed.
  • Report the Title and a Description of your RSS Feed: both fields are mandatory.
  • If you want to, add an image to be associated to the RSS Feed. Generally, it is the company or website logo: this will be the image the news aggregator program will display.

How to write the News

Now you can move on to the news:

  • Click on the Add button to open the Post Setting window.
  • Report the title and the contents for the piece of news.
  • Report a publication date, i.e. the date and time the piece of news should be divulged.
  • Select the website page which needs to the linked to the piece of news, i.e. the page reporting the update more in details.

#tip - Preview or whole text? You  are free to decide how to report the news for your Feed.  You can report the whole text, so your users will be able to read it all from their news aggregator program, or you can report a preview only, so the users will need to access your website or blog to read the complete article.

You will be able to work on the news with the Add, Remove and Edit buttons.

Thanks to the Publication Date option, you can publish your Posts in advance and schedule their publication for a specific date and time.

How to write the News with MagicText

MagicText can help you with new ideas and help for writing the News whenever you need to. This Artificial Intelligence-based text generation assistant is available with WebSite X5 Pro (starting from version 2023.2).

MagicText can help you write the Title and Caption for your RSS Feed, as well as the Title and Contents for each piece of News.  You just have to click on the   button to access this function and describe the text you want to get.

#tip -  For more information, see What's MagicText and how can I use it to generate text contents

How to add a video, an audio or a slideshow to the news

If you are working on the Pro edition, you can enrich your articles with resources such as videos, audios and slideshows.

You can add a video or an audio in this way:

  • Select an article and click on Edit to open the Post Setting window, then go to the Resources.
  • Select the Audio/Video file: use a local or an online file, or directly a YouTube video.
  • Import or paste the URL of the Audio/Video file. Local audio/video files will be displayed with a specific Player within the article, while for the online files and for YouTube/Vimeo videos a link will be reported at the bottom of the article.

On the other hand, you can add a slideshow like this:

  • While in Post Setting> Resources, click on the Add button to import all the images.
  • Use the available options to work on the images link: add, remove, arrange and modify them with the internal graphic editor.
  • Set the maximum size the images of your Slideshow can take on.