WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

As you probably know,  Facebook makes some plugins available which can be easily integrated on the websites, so to encourage the content sharing and the interaction among users.

An example is the Comments Plugin, which enables users to add comments on a content using their Facebook profile. The positive aspect about using this plugin instead of other systems is that it is also a useful indirect advertising, as comments are potentially visible for all the friends of the user who leaves the comment. 

How to activate the Comments Plugin on your website

If you decided to use the Facebook Comments Plugin, you don't need to configure it on its official page: you can in fact directly work on your WebSite X5 project.

  • Go to Step 3- Sitemap, select the Special Page Blog: Article Page and select on Edit, or double-click on it.
  • Make sure you have activated the Let readers add Comments to your Blog option.
  • Select Facebook as Comment management system.
  • The code for the plugin is automatically generated and inserted by the program. Still, you can choose the color combination and the number of comments to be displayed.

How to moderate comments

The Facebook Comments Plugin also includes a tool which enables you or your team to moderate the comments.

To configure and use this comment moderation toll, please follow the instructions reported on the plugin official page.