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Games are effective solutions to entertain people, but also to learn new things or engage your audience and get them interested in the products/services you offer.

A universally known game that always entertains and is well suited to be employed on the web as well is the one in which "scratching" an image reveals what it is hiding: a second image, a prize, a coupon, etc...

With the Scratch and reveal Optional Object, you can set up this game in your website. You can customize any aspect, including the hidden image, so you can adapt it to any goal you want to achieve. Check out some examples on the following Preview page.

To set up your own Scratch and reveal, you need to:

  • Double-click on the Scratch and reveal Object you added on the page to open the settings window.
  • The game is based on the superimposition of 2 images. Start by importing the To reveal image (the hidden one that will be revealed by scratching), and the To scratch one (the one immediately visible upon accessing the page). If you want to, you can set the Rounded corners for both images.
  • Now move on to the Brush, namely the tool used to scratch and reveal the hidden image. You can set:
    • the Style, namely the assumed shape of the stroke that on clicking "scratches off" the upper image;
    • the Size, the bigger the brush, the quicker the upper image will be scratched off. 
    • the Cursor, namely the shape that the mouse cursor will take on.
  • Now you just need to define what happens after completing the game:
    • Define the Percentage of completion at which the game will be considered finished. For example, you can determine that when the hidden image is 90% revealed, the game ends.
    • Set the Link which has to be associated to the hidden image: click on  and choose the wished action to be performed.
    • If you prefer to have the link set to run automatically when the game is finished, without the user having to click, turn on the Automatically run link option.

As you can see, the game is pretty simple and versatile: you will just have to use some tailor-made images and some specific links to get very different results.

Are you curious to use this Object on your website pages? Install Scratch and reveal now.

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