WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

When you start a new Project, the Sitemap already reports a number of pages which varies according to the selected Template which always report a Home Page

Sometimes you may want to set a different Page as Home Page instead of the default one. You can do this in a couple of simple steps:

  • Open your project and go to Step 3 - Sitemap.
  • Select the Page you want to use as the new Home Page. You can select any page except the Pages you already set as Page 404, Locked or Under Construction, as they aren't suitable for being a website Home Page.
  • Right-Click on the selected page so to open the context menu and select Set as Home Page.
  • A dialog box asks if you want links that pointed to the previous Home Page to be redirected to the new one: decide how you prefer to proceed.
#tip - Even if you choose NOT to redirect the links to the new Home Page, it still replaces the old one on the Intro Page both as far as the link in the'Jump to Home Page after [sec]' option and for the automatic Browser language or resolution detection are concerned.

Both the new and the old Home Pages keep the same name and position on the Sitemap: the first is associated to the Home Page icon, the second to the icon commonly used for the regular pages.

The Page you set as the new Home Page takes on the same file name used for the original one, even if you had customized it with the File Name option on the Page Properties > SEO window. A new file name is, on the other hand, generated for the "old" Home Page, which is based on the name you set for the page itself.