WebSite X5 Pro

Among the many interesting functions of the online Control Panel, you will also find the possibility of enabling push notifications to be sent to keep the Administrator up-to-date in real time about what happens on the website: this will also have the advantage of being able to improve the quality of the offered service.

To activate the notifications, you need to:

  • Go to Step 1 - Settings > Website Management and activate the Activate Push Notifications option.
  • Export your website online. 
  • Access the online Control Panel by connecting to ( being your website URL) and logging in using your access credentials (the Administrator E-mail and Password set on Step 1 - Settings > Access Management). 
  • Access the Notifications section and click on Activate Notifications.
  • The browser will display a window where you have to give permission to display the Notifications: Click on "Allow". 
  • Now activate the notifications you want to receive from the list.

#tip - If you block the notifications on the above-mentioned browser window, you won't be able to get the notifications. Follow the specific procedure reported by the browser to rest the permissions to send/receive notifications.

If you don't activate the notifications in WebSite X5 right away, you will need to follow these steps for them to be correctly sent:

  • Activate the Activate Push Notifications option.
  • Export the updated website. 
  • Access the Notifications section of your online Control Panel, click on Activate Notifications and select which ones you want to receive.

#tip - Warning.If you click on "Activate Push Notifications" in WebSite X5, you activate the "Notifications" section on the Control Pane. 
If you click on "Activate Push Notifications" in the "Notifications" section of the Control Panel, on the other hand, you enable the notifications to be sent from the browser/device you use. 
You can activate the notifications also on other browsers/devices by accessing the Control Panel from the every specific browser/device and repeating the activation procedure described above. 

Using the App, you can get a notification every time:

  • an order is placed in the Online store;
  • the Product stock availability falls below a certain amount you previously set;
  • a new comment is published on the Blog, the Comments and Ratings Object or for the products of your store;
  • a new user registers on the website.

By clicking on the notification, you can access directly to the section of the Control Panel linked to the notified event. For instance, if you click on a notification about a new order, you access the E-Commerce section of the Dashboard to process the order in question. 

#tip - On mobile. You can get notified on mobile device too by installing the Control Panel as App. See: How to install the Control Panel as App.