WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

If you decided to move your domain and/or website from the webspace provided by an external Provider to the one included with the WebSite X5 Hosting service, and if your website uses a database, for instance to manage e-mails, orders, user registration or blog comments, you also need to transfer the data from the old webspace to the new one, so to avoid any losses.

To do this, you need to create a copy of the database hosted on the old webspace and restore it on the new WebSite X5 one. Let's see how to do this:

  • Access the database management web interface you got from your old provider (possibly phpMyAdmin).
  • Select the database connected to your project.
  • Make a complete backup, or dump. Dumping a database will allow you save all the table contents on a file you can then use to restore them on another space. 
  • Now you can access the WebSite X5 Hosting  control panel: log in on the Help Center and select the Webhosting entry on the profile menu.
  • Choose the webspace you want to work on and click on Access.
  • In the Database section, click on Manage Database: here, you will find the credentials (Username and Password) you need to work on the database via phpMyAdmin: try to remember them. 
  • Go back to the control panel dashboard and, still in the Database section, click on Access to enter the phpMyAdmin using the panel of your WebSite X5 Hosting (the credentials are the ones you found in the previous point).
  • Restore the database: select your username and then access the Import section, so to import the zipped filed you got by following the dumping procedure.