WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

One  of the parameters which you necessarily need to set when setting up an online store is the currency.

You don't have to report it each time you add the price of a product, but you can more simply set the currency you want to use for the whole online store:

  • Go to Step 1- Settings > Shopping cart> Options.
  • Click to open the drop-down menu for the Currency option and the select the one you prefer.
  • If the currency you want to set ins't available in the list, click on the   button to open the Currency List window.
  • Now edit the list by clicking under the last item available and by reporting the missing currencies. 

Currency options

There are some additional formatting options for the currency you can use:

  • Still on Step 1- Settings > Shopping cart> Options, click on the referred to the Price Format.
  • Use the options in the following window to set the formatting options you prefer. You will find:
    • Decimal places: this defines the number of decimal places to be shown (from 0 to 3).
    • Digit grouping: this indicates the separators for thousands and decimal places.
    • Decimal separator: this defines whether the decimal separator is a full stop (for example, £1.00) or a comma (for example, £1,00).
    • Show Currency on the right: if you select this option, the currency symbol is shown to the right of the price (for example 100£ instead of £100).
    • Leave a space between currency and price: if you select this option, a space is included between the currency symbol and the amount (for example 100 £ instead of 100£).
    • Show zero as: this option defines whether the zero is to be indicated as a number (0) or by the - symbol.

#tip - You can set a single currency at a time.