WebSite X5 Evo and Pro since version 2021.4

What's WebSite X5 Hosting

WebSite X5 Hosting is the tailor-made hosting service for WebSite X5 offered by Incomedia which solves any compatibility issue connected to operating systems and PHP versions beforehand.

We wanted to provide you a first-class service, so we chose some exceptional partner: 

  •, part of Vianova spa, a company which has been designing and implementing hosting services since 2002 to always guarantee security and innovation.
  • OpenSRS, part of the Tucows group, which offerts global solutions for the domain name management as well as Internet security services.


Thanks to this service, Incomedia can now lead you from the beginning till the end by providing you with the tool you need to build your website, as well as the webspace and domain to bring it online right away.

The available plans: Hosting Evo and Hosting Pro 

WebSite X5 Hosting comes in 2 plans: Hosting Evo and Hosting Pro.

As the names suggest, each plan is associated to a software edition. If you have an Evo you will then access to the Hosting Evo, while if you have a Pro you will be able to use the Hosting Pro solution.

The Hosting Evo plan includes 100 GB webspace and 1 mailbox. The Hosting Pro plan, on the other hand, includes 500 GB webspace, 5 mailboxes and database. Both plans include 1 automatic domain  * More in details:

Hosting Evo
Hosting Pro
Register and connect your domain
Webspace on SSD disc
100 GB
500 GB
MySQL Database
SFTP/FTP Account
SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

*the space is shared with the space available for the disc

Included and extra Hosting

Starting from version 2021.4, when you buy a WebSite X5 licence you get the hosting service connected to the relative edition included in the purchase. In this way, and without any extra costs, you get the webspace and the automatic domain you need to put your website online right away.

As you know, WebSite X5 licences are valid for 12 months, after which you can decide to extend it so to keep receiving updates and new versions. At the same time, you will also be able to renew the connected Hosting so to keep using the webspace, the domain and the e-mails. By renewing the licence and the Hosting service you will be able to access a particularly convenient special offer. 

In addition to the webspace included with your WebSite X5 licence, you can also buy and activate other Hosting plans. These extra plans have the same characteristics as the included one, but they aren't directly connected to the licence and can be purchased by users who haven't got the latest software  version, too. Extra plans can be then extended after 12 months since the activation date.

Activation of the Hosting services

You don't need to do anything special to activate the Hosting service included with your WebSite X5 licence. Start WebSite X5 and work on your project. Once you're ready, you will access Step 5, so to export your website. Here, you will simply need to click the free hosting activation button and upload your pages. You won't need to report any parameter, as everything's already integrated. Easy-peasy!

#tip - For more information, please see: How to export your website by using the Hosting service included with WebSite X5?

The procedure is the same for any possible extra plan, as long as you aren't using a version older than 2021.4. In such cases, in fact, your software isn't up-to-date enough, so you will need to report the connection parameters manually.

#tip - You can get the connection parameters on the control panel, which you can use tho manage the Hosting services.

Automatic and customized domain

As we mentioned, both the Evo and Pro Hosting services include an automatic domain, such as In this way, as soon as your website is ready, you can publish it online right away with no extra costs.

However, if your website is important, especially if you use it for your business, you may want to purchase a customized domain, such as myname.comA carefully selected domain name, followed by the appropriate extension, can bring you many advantages: it is easy to remember, it looks more professional and help your SEO.

We can help you register your customized second level domain: find the domain that better suits you > 

Alternatively, if you already have a second level domain registered with another Provider, you can:

E-mail boxes and Webmail service

Having a customized second level domain also brings another benefit: you can activate the e-mail boxes included with your WebSite X5 Hosting plan. 

Don't forget that the Evo Hosting includes one e-mail box, while the Pro Hosting includes 5.

The procedure to create e-mail boxes is really simple. With the Webmail service, you can even effectively manage your e-mails from any device (PC, tablet or smartphone).

#tip - For more information about the e-mail boxes activation and about the Webmail service, please see: E-mail management - How to activate the e-mail boxes included with your WebSite X5 Hosting plan.