WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Main new features

With version 2021.1 we have mainly focused on the software Graphic Interface: we've in fact restyled it so to make the design more neat and clean. The color palette has been modified so to make it more light and harmonious and the use of space has been re-conceived so to make it more functional.

The program now starts more quickly and the Welcome Page has been redesigned, so it can be now considered as the starting and focal point for all the details and resources which are part of the WebSite X5 world. 

The project selection initial procedure has also changed thanks to the commands, which have been moved to the start page, and to the new real previews for the existing projects, so it has now become easier and more intuitive. 

As far as the functions are concerned, we have updated the Search Object by introducing the possibility of focusing the search on the whole website, on the e-commerce products or on the blog posts only, and we have added the necessary options on the Row Formats section to set an effect and a time for the image transition for the slideshow you can set as row background.

Finally, we made a general reflection on the different WebSite X5 editions and, specifically, on the necessity of better characterizing Evo and Pro: the first should actually focus on the needs of the novice users who want a website so present themselves, their hobbies or their activity online, but who don't need particularly advanced features. We have in fact realized that, in order to fulfill these needs, the database integration wasn't used in most cases. Because of this, we have decided to reserve the possibility for integrating databases to the Pro edition, and we have then started a transition process to remove this function from the Evo. 

Notes on conversion

Up until version 2020.3, the database could be used in the Evo edition for:

  • the e-mails sent via Contact Form Object;
  • collecting data with the WebSite X5 Analytics system;
  • the correct functioning of the Poll and Database Viewer Optional Objects.

Let's then see what changes with the removal of the database function in the Evo, starting from v2021.1:

Contact Form Object

It won't be any longer possible to send the data to a database in the Contact Form Object. When converting the project file created using a previous version, this option will automatically be substituted with the one which sends data to a file, and the form will keep working normally.

WebSite X5 Analytics

The internal statistic system WebSite X5 Analytics needs a database for the data storing, and you won't find this option for new projects: you will in fact only find Google Analytics.

If on the other hand you have a project for which WebSite X5 Analytics was active, the system will still be available. So, as for now, you don't have to do anything when converting the project.

Still, we suggest activating Google Analytics instead, because the internal statistics system will eventually be completely removed from WebSite X5 completely.

Poll and Database Viewer Optional Objects 

Starting from version 2021.1, the parameters to configure the database will be requested in the settings window for both the Poll and the Database Viewer Optional Objects.

Data Management

The Data Management section, which you find on Advanced settings on Step 1 - Settings, will still be available on Evo only if you open projects created with previous versions of the software which still include the WebSite X5 Analytics system.