WebSite X5 Pro since version 2020.2

Breadcrumbs are textual links which are usually placed in the top section of the page and report the hierarchy and levels of the website. They are important navigation tools: on the one hand, they help the visitor browse the website. On the other, they help Google understand how a website is structured.

SEO advantages

So, the use of breadcrumbs can positively affect your SEO:

  • They improve the visitors' navigation experience.
  • They help Google understand how your website is structured.
  • They make the internal links structure stronger, with a higher number  of internal links to the most important pages of your website. 
  • They reduce the bounce rate, offering t visitors an alternative way of browsing the website.


Breadcrumbs as structured data

Thanks to structured data, breadcrumbs can also be shown in the Google search results page, so that visitors can easily understand the position of a page within your website.

Visitors can browse the website hierarchy, one level after the other, starting from the last "crumb" reported in the path.

In WebSite X5

In WebSite X5, in order to make sure that the breadcrumbs are available on the Blog article pages, you simply need to activate the Add Structured Data option on Step 1 - Website Settings > SEO > Structured Data. All the possible paths leading to each article are automatically created: such paths can start from the category, the author or from the associated tags.