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The success of your online shop depends on many details which, if considered as a whole, help in creating a platform where your customers feel safe placing their orders on. In this sense, the Cart Staus Object can be particularly useful: in fact, with this Object you will be able to inform your customers about their order status.

Check out the Cart Status in action on this Preview page.

We have used Cart Status on many e-commerce Templates, such as Stitched, SoftSpace and Alice in Wardrobeland

How to set up the Object Cart Status

In most cases it is better to use the Cart Status on the Template Header directly, so to report the specific details on all the pages on the website. 

If you want to proceed in this way, you need to:

  • Go to Step 2 > Template Settings> Template Content.
  • Add the Cart Status Object in the wished position of the header using the available commands in the Header section. 
  • Double-click the Cart Status Object you added to open the settings window.
  • Report a Label, i.e. a brief explanation on the piece of information which will be reported.
  • Choose the icon to be associated to the reported piece of information: you can choose among the pre-set ones or import a new one.  
  • Use the Details option to choose the kind of information to be reported.
    • Order amount
    • Products Total Amount 
    • Number of products 
    • Total Weight of the ordered products
  • As far as the Number of products are concerned you can choose to report this value on a badge displayed above the icon as well as a normal text.  As far as the Weight is concerned, on the other hand, you can report the specific unit of measure.
  • Set the style of the selected item.
  • Click OK when you're happy with the result.


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