Managing digital goods: WebSite X5 Pro from version 13.1

Automatic order fulfillment: WebSite X5 Pro from version 17

Coupons, discounts, and promotions are essential tools for your online sales strategy: they can not only help you increase your sales and profits, they also reinforce your company’s image and consolidate customer loyalty.

Let's get further into detail:

  • Sales increase: surely can discounts and coupon convince even the most undecided customers to place an order, which leads to a general sales increase.
  • Attracting new customers: offering discounts can attract new customer to your online store, who might be intrigued by the possibility of getting a good deal.
  • Emptying the warehouse: promoting excess or out-of-season products not only can result in profit, but it can also make space for new goods. 
  • Rewarding loyalty: present your loyal customers with tailor-made promotions to thank them for their previous orders: it will encourage them to come back and buy again.
  • Offering specific products: if you make offers on specific products only, you will be able to push the purchases in that direction, which will help promote particular areas of your store.

Given the importance of discounts, you can proceed and activate them on your store:

  • Choose the kind of discount: choose the kind of discount you want to offer, such as percentage or fixed discounts, coupon codes, etc. Choose the right kind of discount according to your products and customer base.
  • Define criteria: define the conditions to which the offer can be applied. For instance, you can set a minimum order amount, set the discount for certain products or category only, set an offer expiration date.
  • Set up coupon codes and discounts: now it's time to put your plan into practice and setup discounts and coupon codes on your WebSite X5 store. You can set discounts/coupon codes, fixed or in percentage, on:
  • Promote the offers: promote your offers on your website and on other channels, such as Newsletters, social media and ads. The more visibility your offers get, the more customers you are likely to attract.
  • Monitor and optimize: keep an eye on how your offer is doing. Monitor sales generated by discounts and coupon and analyze what strategies work best. This will help you optimize your future campaigns.

Don't forget to find a balance between discounts and your products' value. Offering too frequent discounts could negatively affect the way customers perceive this value. So, make sure you carefully plan your promotional strategies.