WebSite X5 Evo and Pro from version 2019.1

If you want to share the website layout you just created with WebSite X5, you can choose to export all the settings which define it as .iwtpl format. Any WebSite X5 user will be able to import this file and use what you created on their own project.

#tip - The .IWTPL file will only include the images and settings related to the graphic Template you set on Step 2: the contents of your pages will therefore not be included once the file is exported. In order to export the whole Project, you need to use the functions on Step 5- Export 

How to export a Template settings (.iwtpl file)

  • Open your website Project to extract the Template settings.
  • On Step 2 > Template  choose Settings export/import, then select Export this Template settings to save the .iwtpl file in a folder on your computer.

To share the Template, you can send the file by email or save it to a Cloud storage. Any WebSite X5 user will be able to use it by importing the file into the software and start working on it. Otherwise, you can instantly use it for your next project.

How to import a Template settings  (.iwtpl file)

  • On Step 2 > Template > Settings export/import, select the Import a new Template Settings option and import the .iwtpl file.
  • To use the settings of the imported Template, set Replace the breakpoints with those of the selected template in the Resolutions and Responsive Design section. In the Header and Footer Content section, on the other hand, set Replace the objects with those of the selected template. Then hit OK to save.

After setting the views, the Template is ready for use.