WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

When you have defined the e-commerce shopping cart, you need to create the pages that present your product catalog and allow customers to buy articles. Creating the "Buy now" button is easy. That's what you need to do:

  • In Step 3 - Map select the page to work on and insert an Image Object in an appropriate cell in the page layout table.
  • Double-click on the Image Object to define it: import the graphic file you want to use for the button.
  • If you want, go to the Image Object > Display section and choose a Mouse Over Effects.
  • In Image Object > General click on the  button to associate a Link to the image.
  • In the Link window, select Add to Cart. You can set up the link in two ways:
    • if you want to open the product table, select the Show the Product List of the selected Category option and then select a category;
    • if you want to add a product to the shopping cart, select the Add the selected Product directly to the Cart option and then select the product, specifying the Option, if available, and the Quantity.

#tip - Alternative. Instead of using  the Image Object, you can also use the Hover Button and the Animated Button Objects: in fact, a part from the graphical effect they can create, the kind of link you set is crucial here.