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When you are setting up a new product  (see How to create a product catalog) , as well as giving details such as its name, price and discount, you can also give potential buyers an indication on current stock levels.

Informing about the approximate quantity

  • On Shopping Cart > Product List, double-click on the product you want to work on so to open the Product Settings window.
  • Go to the Availability section and select Approximate quantity.
  •  Select the most appropriate option for the product you are working on: In Stock, Limited availability or Out of Stock.

Informing about the available quantity

  • Alternatively, select Available quantity in the Availability section of the Product Settingswindow. In this case, you have to:
    • Check the Quantity currently in stock: this is a read-only field that is updated automatically by the program. If you are defining a new product, the value in this field is "0": it will be updated according to the Quantity to add/remove (after the project has been published online) and the order situation (and you can use the Update button in the Shopping Cart > Product List window).
    • Enter the Quantity to add/remove. If you are defining a new product, enter the number of articles that are in stock. Otherwise, indicate how many articles you are going to add to or remove from the Quantity currently in stock to change the value shown in the field.  
    • Enter the value for the Warn if quantity falls below option: products whose availability falls below this level will be highlighted in the summary table in the Shopping Cart > Product List window and added to the Availability section in the online control panel.

Specifying how to count the products

When the Available quantity has been defined for all the products in the catalog, you need to specify how the products are counted:

  • Go to the Options section of the Shopping Cart window and select the Update available quantity on order dispatch option: the number of products purchased is subtracted from the available quantity only when the orders are given as "processed"; otherwise, this will be done when orders are "ready for processing".

#tip - Notes on how product availability is counted. You can manage the orders on the online Control Panel: you will find the new order in the Ready for Processing section, and you will be able to move them in the On Hold and Processed sections.

  • If the Update available quantity on order dispatch option is not selected, when a new order arrives the ordered quantity is immediately detracted from the total available quantity. If you move the order from the Ready for Processing section to the On Hold section, the subtracted quantity is immediately restored to the total.
  • In all cases, if an order is deleted, the product quantity subtracted from the availability total is automatically restored.

Displaying the available quantity in the Product Cards

When the Available quantity has been defined, you can decide whether this information is to be displayed in the product cards created with the Product Catalog Object:

  • Select the Product Catalog Object you want to work on and click on the  button to open the settings window.
  • Go to the Settings window and choose the Details entry in the Elements list.
  • If you want to report the product availability, the field Show Availability must be selected.

In any case, as Administrator ob the website you will be able to find the available quantity of a product reported both in the Website Settings > Product List section and  in the  Low Stock tab in the E-commerce section of the online control panel .