WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

When you have created your Form and indicated the way submitted data must be sent, you can work on the graphic layout of the form to make it not only more attractive but also more functional, and to increase the number of visitors who will possibly fill it in.

  • Select the Contact Form Object to work on and open the Contact Form Object > Style window.
  • Select the Form Item to work on (from the drop-down list or from the preview) and define the settings: text formatting, pictures and colors.
  • For the Labels, for example, you can set the Font Type, the Color of the text and how the fields should Repeat.
  • For the 'Send' button, you can also import a Background Image to completely customize it.

All the changes you make are shown immediately in the preview.

#tip - Preview. When you preview your website, a message reminds you that e-mails with submitted data will not be sent. The E-mail Form feature only works fully when the website has been published on the Server.