WebSite X5 Pro

Once you have enabled the various users and indicated how the data is to be saved, you have to define the contents that will be displayed by default in the Dynamic Content Object.

  • Click on the Preview button to display the website in the built-in browser. 
  • In the page that opens, instead of the Dynamic Content Object you will see an invitation to start entering your text and, on mouseover, the area occupied by the Object will be displayed with a broken line around it.
  • Click inside the outlined area to bring up the online text editor.
  • Type in and format your contents.
  • Click on the Save button to confirm the contents, or click on the Delete button to remove all the text you have entered.

When working online, the default text you entered will be displayed until a User will create a new content, and will be displayed again in case there aren't any other contents available.