WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Animated progress bars are often found on  portfolio websites or on company pages reporting their trends, so to show the reached levels. Do you want a progress bar for your own website? You can easily create one with the Skill Bar Object. Check out the examples available on the Preview page. We've used it in the CV Power Template as well as on the "Who?" page of The Vintage Shop.

How to set up the progress bar

  • Double-click the Skill Bar Object you added on the page, so to open its settings window.
  • Se the Value. You can report is as a Percentage or simply show the Maximum Value instead. 
  • Choose if you want to show the value on the progress bar using the Show value option.
  • Now set the Animation duration and the bar Width, expressed in pixels. 

How to define its style

  • While on the Skill Bar window, choose the Bar style you want. 
  • According to the style you chose, you have different parameters to set. Edit colors, fonts and alignments until you reach the wished result.
  • Then, click OK.


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