WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Often the best way to of knowing what people think about a subject is simply to ask them for a feedback. Set up a simple survey and collect your visitors' answers using the Poll Object. Check it out on this Preview page. 

How to set up the database

You need a database to work with the Poll Object: set it up so to have a place where the collected data are stored.

  • Go to Step 1- Website Settings > Advanced > Data Management.
  • Click on the Add button and report the necessary details to set up the database: if you don't know them, you can ask your web space provider.
  • Click OK to confirm.

How to set up the online poll

Now you can set up the poll:

  • On Step 4, double click the Poll Object you added on the page so to open the settings window.
  • Type in the Question you want to ask and the Answers the users can choose.
  • You can possibly activate the Multiple choice option, so the users can give more than one answer.
  • Use the available options in the Stylesection to define:
    • font and colors for the text and for the Vote button which is automatically added below the question;
    • the Chart type (bar or pie) reported after having clicked the Vote button: it shows the collected results up until that moment;
    • the Object Maximum size.
  • Report the Database and the Table Name you want to use to store the data: they are the ones you previously set on Data Management.
  • Click Ok when you're happy with the result.

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