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Your customers should really  to fall in love with every single detail of the products on your online store. Use the Image Zoom Object to create your galleries, apply a zoom effect on the images and your sales will soar. Check it out on the RUNaround template: we used the Image Zoom Object to zoom in on the products, so to make all the details perfectly visible. More examples are available on the Preview page.

How to create an image gallery

  • Double-click on the Image Zoom Object you added on the page to open the settings window
  • Use the Add and Remover buttons to create your image list.
  • Set up the Gallery Properties and define:
    • the Object Maximum size;
    • if the enlarged image should be displayed on click on a ShowBox window;
    • if you want to report any thumbnails, and possibly how many per row;
    • the Style, i.e. the color for the borders of the elements, such as the selected thumbnail, the loupe and the frame showing the zoomed part.

How to use the zoom function

  • Use the options in the Zoom section to set up the effect you want to get.
  • Define the Zoom factor. i.e. how much the image should be enlarged. If you set 200, for example, you double the original size.
  • Select the Zoom type you want to apply and define the resulting settings:
    • External box: the selected image portion is shown in a frame next to the image itself.
    • Internal zoom: the image is zoomed and moved according to the mouse movements.
    • Magnifying glass: the selected image portion  is shown within the loupe itself.
  • Click OK when you're happy with the result.

#tip - You can also use the zoom function with the built-in Image Object. The Image Zoom Object though offers different effects you can apply not only on a single image, but on a whole gallery as well.

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