WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

To check that a responsive website works properly before you publish it online, just have a look at it in the offline preview because this gives you all the tools you need to simulate page behavior in the various resolutions.

  • In Step 4 - Pages, after you have created the page and given it the necessary settings to make it responsive, click on the Preview button to display a preview of it in the Built-in browser.
  • The built-in browser displays a resolutions bar that shows all the breakpoints that have been set for the project. Click on one of the breakpoints in the bar to automatically resize the browser window to the corresponding resolution so you can check the page's layout. Alternatively, you can manually change the size of the browser's window to adjust the width and then check the page content layout.
  • Apart from using the Responsive Bar, if you are working with the Pro edition, you can click on the Mobile Preview to open a window reporting a QR Code and a URL. Connect your smartphone to the same network your PC is connected to, then scan the QR Code or visit the reported URL: in this way, you will be able to preview your website on your smartphone directly, so to check how the mobile browsing works for your project. 
  • If the page doesn't look right in the preview, click on the Show numbering button: the page contents are outlined, corresponding to the objects that have been added, and each one has its display order number shown. This makes it easier for you to work out where you need to intervene to obtain the desired result.

We suggest you check the preview of every page in each breakpoint to be sure that the website will work correctly when it is published online and on different devices.