WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

Every Blog has a Main Page, which functions as a section Home Page, and as many Pages as the published article are. 

The Main Page of a Blog is a sort of cover reporting a selection of the latest articles, each one summarized in a card.

Each card reports the following elements, which are the same ones you can define in the Post Settings window:

  • Background
  • Cover
  • Title
  • Description, which is taken from the Caption, or, if this isn't available, from part of the Content
  • Details, which report the Category, the Author and the Date
  • Button, which provides the link to the article page

To customize the layout for the  Blog home page you should proceed this way:

  • Go to Step 3- Sitemap, select the Special Page Blog: Main Page and select on Edit, or double-click on it.
  • Select the card type you prefer: you can choose among cards which vary according to the elements order and their horizontal or vertical arrangement.
    • Cover on the left, title and contents on the right
    • Title and contents on the left, cover on the right
    • Cover at the top, title and contents at the bottom
    • Title and contents at the top, cover at the bottom
  • Customize the graphic layout for the cards: you can work on both the options available for the Card Settings, as well as on those available for each Element.
  • If you want to highlight the latest posts you published, select the First articles highlighted with cards  or First articles highlighted with a slideshow options and decide how many articles you want to highlight, as well as the size for these cards.