WebSite X5 Pro since version 2020.3

When you create an online store (see: How to create a e-commerce), WebSite X5 automatically generates a product search page providing a search field and some filters to display the searched product boxes in a neat way, according to the set filters.

It is a very important page because, thanks to it, your customers will easily find the products they're looking for. You can decide which filters should be active by choosing among standard filters, which are reported in the product search page settings window, or custom ones, which are based on the properties you set for the products.

In this article, we'll find out how to set the product properties and how to use them to create new custom filters for the product search page.  Check out this video or simply keep reading:

#tip - For more information about the Product Search page and about standard filters, please see: What's the Product Search page and how to use it

How to set the properties for the products

The first step you need to take is setting the product properties: for instance, if you sell clothing on your online store you can set the "Brand" property and report the brand for each product, so that your customers will be able to search your products by brand.


You can define the product properties by following these steps:

  • Go to Step 1 - Settings > Shopping Cart > Products: add or select and edit a product to open the Product Settings window (see: How to create a product catalog).
  • Open the Properties section and click on Add, then type in the name for the Property you want to create (for example, "Brand"). 
  • Click next to the Property you just added and type in the Value the properties takes on for the product you've selected (for instance, "Brand_Name"). 
  • Repeat these steps to define the needed Properties for the products of your online store. 

The list of the Properties and the possible values they can take on is the gradually created: for each new product you work at you will find the list of properties you've already added. You can select the existing properties and the corresponding value you want to add for each new product as well as add new ones. 

The existing properties are reported  in alphabetical order  in two separate lists: the first one reports the properties for the products which are included within the  same category of the product you are working at; the second one reports the properties available for the other categories as well. This will help you set the properties for all of your products more quickly and easily.

How to activate the custom search filters 

Once you've set the properties for your products, all what's left to do is: 

  • Go to Step 3- Map select the Shopping Cart: Search page in the Special pages folder and open it by double-checking or by selecting the Edit button.
  • Stay in the Search section and select the Properties entry, as well as the other tools you want to make available.
  • Click Ok when you're happy with the result.