WebSite X5 Evo and Pro

There are different ways to make your web page more interesting and more appealing: a solution, which has become very popular lately, is to create horizontal bands which go beyond the template margins and adapt to the full browser width.

Do you want to know how to get this effect? Watch this video to find out:

Alternatively, please keep reading:

If there is a single Object you want to create the horizontal band for, you need to:

  • Add the wished Object into the layout table on Step 4 - Page Creation: it has to occupy all the cells in the row and it doesn't have to be flaked by other Objects.
  • Select the Object and click on the   Extend button.

On the layout table, the extended Objects are easily recognizable because they are lager than the Page columns. 

If you click again on the Extend button, the Object will go back to its normal size and will adapt to the normal Page width, and no longer to the browser window one. 

#tip - AlternativesIf the band you want to create includes more than one Object, the way of setting it up is different. Please see: How to use Row Formats to create horizontal bands.