WebSite X5 Pro

In addition to the online Control Panel, if you are working with the Pro edition of WebSite X5, you can manage online store orders and the product availability with the WebSite X5 Manager App.

The WebSite X5 Manager App is free and available for both iOS and Android. Use the buttons in the App Store or on Google Play to install it, or use the QR code on the software  window on  Step 1 - Settings > Website management WebSite X5 Manager  or in the WebSite X5 Manager section of the online Control Panel (see: The WebSite X5 Manager App: What is it and why do you need it?).

Once the app is installed, you can manage orders by:

  • Opening the App and, if you haven't already done so, adding the website to the list of those that are manageable through the App itself.
  • Tapping on the website you want to work on, to access the Dashboard and open the E-commerce section.
  • Working as already described for the online Control Panel (see: How to manage orders and products with the online Control Panel).

You can enable the App to automatically send push notifications each time a new order is made in the online Store and/or when the stock levels of a Product fall below an established minimum quantity:

  • Open WebSite X5 and go to Step 1 - Website Settings > Website Management > WebSite X5 Manager and select the Enable push notifications option.
  • Publish the updated Website online.
  • In the App's Website Settings screen, check that you have selected the option for sending push notifications when a new order is received and/or when stock levels are low.